In the year 2546 A.C. latter to be known as 0 A.S. (after singularity), the strong war between the 2 most powerful factions of the galaxy, led to the activation of a singularity phenomenon causing all the planets in the vicinity to be wiped of their technology, means of transportation and later, most of their population. Now, it’s the year 38 A.S. and every faction on the galaxy is fighting for natural resources. Scavengers are common to find in almost every planet, from the hero wannabe looking for treasures to the official government envoy. Everyone is trying to get his faction up ahead in the fight.

Endless possibilities!

Destructible terrain opens up infinite possibilities for the fight. No match will be the same. Blast your way to victory!

Gear up!

Collect different weapons and items to defeat your foes such as bouncing lasers, napalm gun, ion shield and more.

  • Take your opponents into submission and show them you’re the best with different winning celebrations.
  • Explore the universe and battle across multiple exotic planets and alien spaceships.
  • Fight on 80 unique maps across 10 different planets, spaceships and asteroids.
  • 4 unlockable playable characters for a total of 8. Ranging from a bold space pirate to a humble priestess.

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